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On behalf of the individuals and families served by the GEC each day, I want to wish you and your family the very best this Holiday Season and for the New Year.  Thank you for your valued assistance, support and encouragement of the GEC. We have enclosed a card that was crafted by a GEC participant, Lowell, as a token of our appreciation.

We are so pleased to have witnessed the learning and growth that has taken place with the children and adults living with developmental disabilities in our care this year, and are proud that we have continued to provide the kind of quality care and service expected by the families we serve.

  • We Exist To Change Lives For The Better And Serve Nearly 1000 Individuals And Families Each Day.

The GEC strives to “Build Brighter Futures” for those we serve, and to help their families cope with the many challenges they face. We are proud that we have fulfilled that goal since 1958, and that our guidance and support has helped many thousands of families over the years. 

  • We Strive To Provide The Kind Of Care That Shows That Each Person Matters.

yearend1Children at the GEC’s Carrie A. Mastronardi Early Childhood Center are provided with first class education and clinical services to help them get a good start in life. Research has shown that structured educational and clinical activities with young children make permanent changes in their brains that will carry on to later life and help them live fuller lives.





Every day, children are born who will require extra help, extra nurturing, and who will rely on the support of others to thrive in society. 

The GEC Carrie Mastronardi Pre-School educated 250 children in special education and integrated Pre-K this year.  Two hundred of those children graduate each year to public and private schools, with many now able to continue learning with other typically developing children. 

  • The GEC Continues To Provide Guidance And Support To The Families Of Our Toddlers As They Proceed Through Elementary School And Reach Adulthood.

Each year, new young adults graduate from school and begin their journey to adulthood. We are happy to be there for them to help them explore the world of work, develop their talents and help them become more productive, independent and fulfilled in every aspect of their lives. 

We help these individuals cultivate their interests and find ways that they can give back to their communities, taking on valued social roles.

yearend2Kevin (l) assists in transporting senior citizens at a local nursing home.

Service to others is an important part of the work of the GEC.  We provide direct services to those in our care and we help them find areas in their community where they take on a valued social role by helping others.

A valued social role helps people in the community look past a disability, because it shows them the goodness, abilities and worth of these individuals, and not just their challenges. This positive societal perception is important for the people in our care, as is the satisfaction they get from helping others. 


Kevin’s Story 

Kevin is a lively, friendly, helpful person who happens to have a developmental disability. Kevin lives in our Sichenze Residence, and participates in our day program as well as a wide range of family activities. Kevin has chosen to spend his time lending a hand in various ways, making new friends in the community, and improving his own skills in the process. Kevin is the first one to greet you kindly, to offer to help you carry that package or pick up the things that dropped.  Kevin was born with significant life challenges, yet he has helped brighten the lives of many. 

The GEC helps people reach their life goals and to progress through their middle age and into their senior years.

This year, one of the people supported by the GEC, Mildred, hit a milestone that 30 years ago was unthinkable – she celebrated her 90th birthday within our Olga’s House Residence.  Mildred is a “young 90”, continuing to participate in community outings and other activities to keep her mind and body active and healthy. 


Mildred’s Story

Mildred has been a Brooklyn girl all of her life.  Mildred was diagnosed as having a developmental disability at a time when very little was known about how to help her. Mildred was lovingly cared for by her mother, but led a life in the shadows, not participating in the world of work and not having opportunities to make friends.  When Mildred’s mom passed, Mildred became known to the GEC and began to participate in our activities.  Mildred, we learned, is a delightful person, friendly and happy to be a part of what’s going on around her, whether a craft or music activity, a board game, a community outing or a party. Mildred now lives in GEC’s Olga’s House, continues her relationship with her natural and extended GEC family, has made many friends and brightened many lives.

The aging of the individuals in our care is truly challenging in this era of managed care, reduced rates and ever-increasing regulation.  

We have withstood these challenges only through our vigilant stewardship of our resources and our thoughtful planning as to how we can continue to build lives worth living for those in our care. 

  • We Are Truly Efficient In Our Work, With 90 Cents Of Every Dollar Of Our Funding Used For Actual Care And Support!
  • We Continue To Offer High Quality Personal Care - Despite Our Budgetary Restrictions - Due To The Generosity Of Our Partners: People Like You, Who Are Willing To Help!

In the coming year, we will face many challenges.  Perhaps it is ironic that our greatest success has created our greatest challenge – meeting the needs of the senior citizens with developmental disabilities in our care.


The GEC could not fulfill its Mission without the support of others.   Our supporters have helped us make others’ lives a little brighter, their loads a little lighter, and we are truly thankful for your assistance and generosity. We are hopeful that you are willing, once again, to lend a hand.

Happy Holidays and Best Regards!


Paul Cassone

Executive Director/CEO

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