Hope C. Morrison Activity Center

Named after Hope C. Morrison, a pioneer in the field of Social Work for individuals with developmental disabilities, the center provides each individual with structured educational and therapeutic services. Our goal is to guide each participant towards his or her highest level of independence and productivity.

Individuals learn to be more independent in meeting their personal care needs; cooking; cleaning; sweeping; vacuuming; dusting; improving communication skills and functional academic skills; improving social skills; developing better community awareness and more independence when traveling.

A full range of therapeutic services are available, including Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutritional Counseling; Social Work, Psychology services; Recreation Therapy; Nursing and Medical oversight.

Individuals are encouraged to volunteer within the community and provide assistance at nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, pre-school programs and other areas where they can help give back to the community and make new friends.

Individuals are provided with activities to help prepare them for the world of work, as appropriate, and learn more about their abilities, likes and dislikes through their volunteer activities and pre-vocational studies.  We provide opportunities for the people in our care to continue life growth through our bowling program, music activities, ceramics fabrication, photography, art therapy and dance. These activities are fun and encourage the individuals in our care to develop interests and hobbies that will round out their lives.

Transportation to and from this program can be provided by GEC.

For more information, please contact Patricia Romano, LCSW, Assistant Executive Director for Clinic and Day Services at 718.833.6633 Ext-227

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