About Us

Our History
The Guild for Exceptional Children is a not-for-profit agency that was founded in 1958 by parents and friends of people with developmental disabilities. GEC grew from a dedicated group of parents volunteering their time to support each other to a leading-edge advocacy agency that spearheaded community living options, opening the very first group home in New York City in 1970. 
Through the dedication of its founding parents, who were joined by Senator William T. Conklin, Assembly Member Luigi Marano, and countless other community leaders, GEC helped create a Civil Rights Movement for people with developmental disabilities and has been a leader in the struggle to deliver people with developmental disabilities from the horrors of the infamous institution Willowbrook to safe, productive, and dignified community life. 

A particular focus of GEC is to assist families with the many challenges they will face in nurturing a child with special needs. GEC provides services to entire families and is proud of its history of keeping families together, stable, and better able to meet the evolving needs of their children with special needs.

Today, GEC serves nearly 1,000 individuals each day and provides a full range of services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities. GEC is proud of its heritage and proud of its focus on individual quality of care.

Our Mission
To help children and adults living with developmental disabilities lead dignified and satisfying lives, reaching their fullest potential and assisting families in every step of their journey.

Our Vision
GEC is dedicated to providing exceptional support and services that will enable children and adults to lead respected and fulfilling lives in their community.

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