Early Childhood Education

Where exceptional learning begins!

GEC’s Carrie Mastronardi Early Childhood Education Center offers a comprehensive clinical and educational program for preschoolers with disabilities to help them develop crucial language, social, and thinking skills. Our school staff provides services for families in a wide array of languages.


Our program mission is to:

  • Enhance self-esteem and help students reach their full potential
  • Provide a warm and welcoming environment for students and families of all cultures
  • Support families through training workshops, group counseling, therapy, community outreach, and more

GEC’s preschool staff includes NYS-certified teaching assistants, aides, an IEP coordinator, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Other school support staff includes a bilingual social worker and a school nurse.

Schedule & Activities

Preschoolers in the program receive a full day of instruction focused on developing the foundational knowledge and skills in the NYS Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core standards. Children have the opportunity to participate in whole group, small group, and independent classroom experiences using a wide variety of learning materials. Classroom staff support and encourage children to learn and try new things, actively explore with peers, adjust to routines, problem solve, and use new vocabulary throughout the school day.

Additional activities made possible through Sections 611 and 619 of the IDEA Grant include art, music lessons and a lending library.



Get Started

Call us at (718) 435-2554 for more information.

Keep Advocating and Contact Your Legislators

E-mail your state legislators and other key decision-makers and tell them to reject harmful cuts and make sure the final budget has a substantial increase in funding for our schools. Add to letter Funding is needed for 4410 special education preschool programs.