Arts and Recreation Program

Arts Program

Our arts program, available to GEC day hab participants, facilitates classes, workshops and events that encourage authentic self-expression through creativity. We foster the development of "the artist" or the "green thumb" and promote stillness and peace through hands-on projects which include meditation and drumming, creating one-of-a-kind works of art, and growing a wide variety of plants.


GEC is home to an incredible art and ceramic studio as well as 25 foot light filled greenhouse in Brooklyn. GEC's greenhouse provides opportunities for individuals to cultivate cuttings and plant and care for succulents, perennials, and some rare plants. They also tend the raised beds for herbs, food, and flowers on GEC grounds. In addition to this creative horticulture program, the greenhouse and ceramic studio are used for our arts programming which includes music and meditation as well as drawing, painting, and ceramics. With two kilns to fire ceramic works, instructors teach basic hand-building, mold pouring as well as glazing and firing. Our painting and drawing studio take place in the art studio, the greenhouse, or at other day hab program sites. Drawing and painting projects and classes are led by instructors with years of experience teaching the people we support. We encourage the development of a creative style and connection to nature.

The work of the art studio and greenhouse culminates in annual art & plant sales. Unique planters created by hand and plants grown and cared for by program participants are available for purchase at our community gatherings.

Recreation Program

GEC's recreation program hosts numerous weekly activities; including Bowling at Melody Lanes (Saturdays 11-1) and FUNFEST (Wednesdays 3-4), arts & crafts (Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 & Thursdays 2:45-3:45) and socialization (Thursday 6:00-8:00). We have held several successful Bingo nights, an indoor movie night and a beautiful movie night outside under the stars. Our Halloween dance on October 28 with DJ Wheels, snacks, and prizes was a huge success. Our future plans include more movie nights beneath the stars, a Spring Fling dinner dance, and more.