Board of Directors

Message from the President of the Board, Anthony Cetta

Dear supporters. Welcome to the GEC community. For more than 60 years the GEC has been meeting the needs of the intellectually and physically disabled by providing educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for children and adults with special needs. It has become a trusted provider of services, enabling individuals with a wide range of disabilities to gain greater independence and reach their highest potential. Our culture is one of compassion and love as we help disabled children and adults live productive and happy lives.

Our services encompass housing and day services. The focus is on helping individuals with special needs build a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling life. As you look through our website you will become acquainted with our staff and some of our participants receiving services. Therapeutic services, such as physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy provide support for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges. Recreational activities allow individuals to explore their interests and participate in a variety of activities, such as music, art, sports and more. The GEC is a phenomenal organization. I say this not only as a parent of a child receiving services at the GEC but because I believe in its mission and purpose.

While there are many worthy organizations meeting the needs of the disabled, the GEC distinguishes itself by being a community-based organization helping the most vulnerable of society. It is said that the two most important days in one’s life is the day they were born and the day they find out why. This may sound like a profound statement but the “why” is easily answered by looking at our staff and supporters. They recognize the need for our services and agree with our mission and its dedication to our participants.


Anthony Cetta, President

Eleanor Schiano, 1st Vice President

Marion Cleaver, 2nd Vice President

Geraldine Cassone, Recording Secretary

Rosina Linda Rubino, Corresponding Secretary

Frank Sena, Treasurer

Celeste Sena, Assistant Treasurer

Board Members

Toni Colarusso

Mary Dory

Peter Ferraiuolo, Esq.

Angelo Giordano, Esq.

Arlene Keating

Stephen Majewicz, Ph.D.

James Morello

Stanley Ramsdal

Harriet Rosenberg

Arlene Rutuelo*

Andrew Sichenze, Esq.

Elena Gonzalez

Alan Dubrow

*Past Presidents


Director Emeritus

Hon. Matthew D’Emic



Stephen Chiano, Esq