Preamble:  The Guild for Exceptional Children, Inc. (The Guild) is a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York to provide direct and indirect services for developmentally disabled/depayed persons of all ages (exceptional children) and their families.

Membership Procedures:  Application for Membership must be made in writing to the  Membership Committee of the Board of Directors which shall then review and evaluate the application.  Upon approval by the Membership Committee, the application shall be sent to the Board of Directors for its approval or rejection. If the Board approves the application, then the applicant will become a Member effective the day of the approval by the Board of Directors.  If the Board rejects the application, the matter is closed.

Requirements:  In order to be a Voting Member, an applicant must be either a) a parent of an Exceptional Child; or b) an adult sibling of an Exceptional Child; or c) the court-appointed legal guardian or guardians of an Exceptional Child; or d) a person who is interested in the welfare of Exceptional Children; and the applicant must subscibe to the principles, ideals and purposes of The Guild.

Requirements/Powers and Duties:  1) By the close of the September Membership Meeting, a Voting Member must have paid the Guild's annual dues in the amount set by the Board of Directors (currently $50.00 per year);2) A Voting member should participate in all Membership Meetings and may be appointed to serve as a Voting Member on Guild committees.

For additional information on applying for GEC Membership, please contact the Guild at (718) 833-6633.