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The Calvin and Era Fischetti Resource Center

A State-of-the-Art Facility

GEC’s newest day program opened its doors in February 2013. The Calvin and Era Fischetti Resource Center is located in Marine Park on Quentin Road, and offers adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive and life-enhancing program.

The center offers a variety of activities that are aimed at enhancing existing abilities, developing new skills, and socializing with friends in a beautiful, modern facility and under the supervision of trained staff. The program emphasizes the creative arts and also includes a learning lab and culinary center.

Working Together to Gain Independence

The Calvin and Era Fischetti Resource Center has been designed in response to the many things that we have learned after providing day services for over five decades. The philosophy is of course based on a person-centered approach; each person is acknowledged as an individual with distinct inclinations, capabilities, strengths and life goals. The plan is designed to hone each person’s capabilities and promote greater independence with less supervision.

During the program day, individuals have the opportunity to work on culinary skills, independence in traveling in the community, participation in community work sites, recreation, dance and exercise, and computer and academic skills. During the course of the week, there are also recreational outings to a wide variety of cultural and community events. Individuals enjoy the opportunity to go to Aviator sports complex, museums, parks, shopping centers, restaurants, community events, movies, baseball games and other worthwhile destinations.

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