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Respite Care and Other Programs

Medicaid Service Coordination

For Medicaid-eligible children and adults who reside at home or in community residences. Case Managers assist participants to obtain medical, social, educational and other approved services as needed. 

Social Rehabilitation
Year-round weekly activities include bowling, swimming, adult education, camera club, and women's arts and crafts. Dances and socials are held on special occasions throughout the year. 

"Four Seasons" Senior Day Center
This leisure-time facility for older adults nurtures social interaction while providing guidance in self-care, nutrition, and daily living skills. Activities range from physical exercise, music, art and games, to day trips. The program is designed to prevent age-related regression of skills. Round-trip transportation is available as needed. 

Family Support/In Home Respite
Relieves the primary care-giver to allow him or her personal time outside the home. GEC respite workers visit as needed or on a regular schedule, as funds permit. The Family Reimbursement component allows GEC to reimburse the family to pay a respite worker of their own choosing. 

For more information on all specialized services at GEC, please call 718.833.6633.