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Support Services

GEC offers additional supports to families that provide assistance in the overall care of their family member; programs provide relief to the primary caregiver, some enhanced opportunities for the person and some much needed support. 

Medicaid Service Coordination:

MSC is available to adults with developmental disabilities and their families to help them gain access to services and supports. MSC uses a person-centered planning process in developing, implementing and maintaining an Individualized Service Plan.

Family Support Services:

Respite: Respite relieves the primary caregiver to allow them to have personal time outside the home. GEC respite workers visit as needed or on a regular schedule.

Community Habilitation: services are based on the individual’s specific interests and the things that he or she wants to focus on at a given time.

Environmental Modifications and Adaptive Technology: GEC can assist with obtaining specialized communication aids, or adaptive devices that enable a person to live at home with greater safety and independence.

Individuals who participate in GEC residences and day programs may choose to participate in one or more of the following:

Self- Advocacy:

GEC’s Self Advocacy group meets regularly to discuss issues of concern related to quality of life, to voice desired changes to the service system and to take action on important issues.

Recreational Services:

GEC offers afternoon, evening and weekend recreational opportunities for adults. Activities include: bowling, socialization groups, arts and crafts, special events and dances.

Wellness Center:

Individuals join together to improve their health and fitness by using various exercise machines and equipment in the Wellness Center. The center encourages physical fitness and motor skill development while promoting an active lifestyle with adults of all ages. GEC is committed to helping to prevent injury and reducing falls, especially among our senior citizens. Individualized programs are customized for people who require specific exercise programs and treatments unique to their needs; the sessions are supervised by a licensed physical therapist.

Horticulture Program:

GEC’s horticultural program enables people to experience the joy of planting, nurturing and harvesting herbs, vegetables and plants in our greenhouse and adjoining gardens. Our plants and flowers are marketed at community events, festivals and fairs. Horticulture lends itself to community interaction and building relationships with the larger community. The program maintains a garden in a neighborhood park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn which enables our program participants to beautify the community where they work and live. GEC’s Horticultural Program is affiliated with The Cornell Lab of Ornothology and the program coordinates trips to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Through collaboration with our art studio we continue to expand our creative expression of nature.

The Art and Ceramic Studio:

The GEC Art and Ceramic Studio provides opportunities for painting, industrial arts, ceramics and so much more. Individuality and creative expression are fostered and shine through every piece of art created. On a daily basis, the studio is buzzing with excitement. Our artists are encouraged to explore their own ideas and interests as well as research new project ideas. Some of our accomplished artists volunteer and assist with other studio groups. The ceramics made in the studio are created by hand or molded, fired in our on-site kilns and painted by the artists. The ceramic and art pieces are sold on line, at art shows, community fairs and festivals.

The Wellness Center, Arts and Ceramics Studio and Horticultural Programs are available to GEC residential and day program participants.