Day Habilitation

GEC offers six distinct day habilitation programs (five located in Bay Ridge, one program in Marine Park): the Four Seasons, the Hope Morrison Program, the Peter Mulligan Program, the Mastronardi Program, the Without Walls Program and the Era and Calvin Fischetti Program. The following is a general overview of GEC’s day programs (not every activity is offered in each program).

Our programs, available to individuals 21 years of age and older, are designed to support person centered planning initiatives for adults of all stages of life. Each program model customizes the daily schedule and offerings based on the interests of the participants. Each person and his/her advocates play an active role in the types of activities in which s/he participates, how much of the person’s day is spent in the community and how much in the program. All activities are supported by GEC staff.  The programs provide volunteer and work preparation experiences, life skill instruction, recreational activities, and regular opportunities to engage in the life of the community.

Individuals are offered options in the program schedule which allows them to access their communities and learn skills organically with the support of the staff.  GEC works collaboratively with a number of organizations, stores, restaurants, senior centers, schools, churches, etc., to provide meaningful experiences for those who elect to spend their time at community work sites. In the Without Walls program model, individuals spend the majority of their week at community worksites.

GEC also offers a variety of community exploration activities, such as outings to museums, art galleries, sporting events, parks, recreational centers, libraries, community gardens, neighborhood shows, and sites that promote fitness and exercise.

Among GEC’s on-site opportunities are classes in banking, computer, photography, poetry, music, fundamental skills, dance, yoga, tai-chi, wellness, aerobics, as well as other activities designed to maintain fitness, health and overall well-being (we have professional instructors teach some of the classes).  In addition, special projects occur in each of the programs based on the input and interests of those in attendance. For example, our cooking classes are very popular. These focus on encouraging healthy eating habits, portion control, kitchen safety instruction, meal planning and budgeting, shopping, and guidance related to preparing healthy meals.

Our participants also benefit from clinical supports, including occupational, physical and speech therapy, based on the person’s plan of care. Nursing services are also available for those with health concerns.

For our older adults, the Four Seasons is specially designed to meet the needs of senior citizens and offers a wide array of activities to support their particular interests.

The purpose of all of GEC’s programs is to guide each person towards his or her highest level of independence and towards outcomes that are personally significant; to offer interesting and challenging opportunities; to help people integrate more fully into the life of the community; to spend time engaged in meaningful activities with friends, and to be supported by a caring staff.

 Please contact Jennifer Russo at 718 833-6633 or for more information about the day program opportunities at GEC.

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