Residential Services

The GEC Residential Program consists of 17 community based homes nestled in southwest Brooklyn neighborhoods.  These programs provide comfortable, tasteful and safe homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Services and staffing levels offered vary based on individual needs and preferences.

GEC residential programs include Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) and Supportive Apartments.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) provide an intensive team approach to providing services and supports to individuals with significant physical and cognitive challenges. The Interdisciplinary team includes Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDPs), clinical and support staff to assist individuals with developing and actualizing a person centered plan. ICFs provide comprehensive direct service professional coverage and care through 24 hour staffing.

Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) serve individuals enrolled in the Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver (HCBS Waiver) and provide a therapeutic environment for individuals with significant cognitive and adaptive challenges. Person centered planning is the focus of this residential program model. Staffing is provided 24 hours per day.

Supportive Apartments serve individuals who are able to self direct and manage their home with minimal assistance and supervision. The GEC provides these individuals with support to manage their finances, live healthy lifestyles, seek competitive employment and obtain medical or other types of assistance. This type of program and housing is best suited to adults with intellectual developmental disabilities who require minimal supports and do not require 24 hour staffing. 

During the day, individuals who live in GEC residences attend a variety of day services or work sites. The individuals in our residences are provided with many opportunities to further develop their skills and interests through participation in communities of their choice. 

The goal of GEC Residential Service Program is to enhance the health, security and independence of all individuals through community interaction and individually tailored programs in a warm and supportive home. For information, contact Laura Thompson, Director for Residential Services, at 718.836.6457.

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